Dandelion provides end-to-end solutions to enable digital excellence. By offering management consulting, Dandelion will uncover new and more efficient processes to achieve your goals. Additionally, Dandelion provides technical expertise for deploying tools and creating workflows to deliver proper tracking and performance management.

Management Consulting

  • Digital Analytics Maturity Assessment and Roadmap

  • In-Housing - Platform, Process and People framework

  • Audience Analysis

  • Measurement Strategy Development

  • Platform/Tool Implementation

  • Data/Tool Architecture & Integration

  • Operating Model and Business Case

  • Value Realization Plan

  • Digital Marketing Maturity

  • Strategic Roadmap Development

  • Cloud For Marketing

  • CDP Architecture

  • C-Suite Dashboard

Data Science Engagements

  • Trendspotting

    • Create a single source of insight for your marketing decisions

    • Surface customer trends across site, media, sales, distribution, and customer service data

    • Measure lift and incremental revenue from your marketing initiatives

  • Customer Segmentation

    • Merge online and offline data sets to optimize ROI

  • Self Service Analytics

    • Eliminate manual analytic work through integrated dashboards

  • Lifetime Value Prediction

    • Identify your most valuable and at-risk customers

  • Purchase Prediction

    • Analyze user behavior to predict

    • churn and propensity to buy

  • Sentiment Monitoring

    • Manage customer experience

    • through sentiment analysis and image recognition

    • Automate data-driven media planning and execution

  • Personalization Engine

    • Personalize end-to-end customer experience in real time

    • Determine next best action for each customer touchpoint

  • Data Driven Segmentation

    • Engage new customers and create revenue opportunities through predictive analytics


We know one size doesn't fit all, these are just some examples of work we've been doing for our clients.  If you are interested in exploring how we can help, give us a call or drop us an email!