Data is the raw material of customer and business insights. In the old marketing paradigm, data was collected and analyzed after the fact, to evaluate performance and make budget decisions. Today, we use data to create predictive models and proactive performance-led business strategies. This approach has its own unique challenges;

  • Siloed data existing in multiple different formats

  • Scarce technical resources

  • Compliance and privacy regulations

  • Oversaturation of analytics platforms and tools used to manage data

Dandelion’s team of consultants, architects and analysts can help develop your data story, connect your technology across platforms and analyze your data to create new models, segments and opportunities for your organization.


  • Data Integration

  • Strategy and Implementation

  • Audience / Customer Analysis

  • Predictive Modelling

  • Machine Learning


Data can be daunting!  Don't let that stop you.  Give us a call or flip us a quick message and we can discuss your specific needs!