Regardless of your business strategy; campaign management and execution represents the last mile. We provide several tiers of implementation and execution support providing you an alternative to traditional models.

Self Service

Self service tier provides basic level of support. This option is for experienced teams who understand the programmatic ecosystem, and are comfortable developing digital strategies, setting up and executing campaigns and generating reports. Dandelion will provide access to an account manager who can answer basic questions and provide technical support.


Support tier is for clients with limited programmatic experience, but want to quickly ramp up and own their campaign executions. Dandelion will provide a dedicated account manager to train your team, assisting with strategy, then providing ongoing technical and strategic support

Full Service

Full Service Management where a dedicated Dandelion Account Executive working with a dedicated account manager will provide full-service setup, platform operations, and optimizations in order to execute your programmatic campaigns successfully. As a part of the service Dandelion also provides reporting and campaign recommendations for future executions.


Our team can build the race car, and drive it for you! Drop us an email and we'd be happy to discuss how.