To be competitive in today's marketplace, every company must become a “Digital” company.  

The use of unique data is a centerpiece of every strategy.


For companies to flourish, they must capture all client interactions, creating an integrated front and back office experience while continually analyzing data to identify opportunities.




How can the way your customer behaves online, inform you of their future behavior? What data can be used to fuel your next client prediction? How would it impact your bottom line, if we made that prediction 1% more accurate?

At Dandelion, we deliver end-to-end solutions, from strategy and system architecture, to deployment and integration. We are in the business of solving business problems.

We have assembled a team, with deep experience across multiple domains,

and served clients across the globe in consumer packaged goods, automotive, technology, travel & hospitality, healthcare, retail, and education.


Transparent and Flexible Partnering

Dandelion’s number one value is not to be a vendor but a partner. We strive to build strong, trusted relationships that deliver our clients tangible outcomes. We provide our services in a cost effective, transparent manner, balancing three critical factors; People, Process, and Platforms.

Our mission is to help our clients unlock the value typically hidden in their many datasets by building products and integrations that surface information and identify starting points for analysis.

We start by understanding the desired business outcomes our clients want from their digital strategy.  Then we shift our focus on collecting and understanding the data we can leverage to catalyze corporate change and growth.  Lastly, we architect the systems to enable this at speed and scale, and work with the client to empower their teams with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.



  • Data Systems

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Marketing Platforms

  • Solution Design and Architecture

  • Platform Licensing

  • Marketing Automation



  • Systems and Architecture Design and Deployment

  • Data Strategy

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Management

  • Media Strategy

  • Dashboard Development



  • Media Campaign Management

  • Performance Optimization

  • Audits - Advertising and Marketing Technology Staff Augmentation


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